Floral Lavender Wedding Invitations and Inspiration

I’m so in love with these invitations and the idea of lavender for a wedding color and theme.  I used a subtle touch of lavender flowers through out the design along with the color lavender and a grass green.  The format of the text gives the design an overall formal but modern look,

Congratulations Jessica and Steven!  Thank you for ordering your invitations with Jeneze Designs.  Contact us any time if you have custom ideas for your wedding invitations, let us help you bring those ideas to life.

Check out the images below for more ideas and inspiration for your upcoming lavender wedding!

Click on each image to take you to the website source filled with more amazing ideas.


Beautiful Flower arrangements using lavender are perfect for any wedding, especially a garden or rustic wedding theme.2d5ada0779803659337a9909919b7bca

Such a fun idea, instead of traditional rice use dried lavender flowers, they are fragrant, organic and beautiful.f67e2c51fbf252e917c6833d28709d37

Lovely lavender wedding cake.084db7d1fddd5fc7cf3773cead831083

Wedding photos in a lavender field would be simply amazing.  The colors are so beautiful and would be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.d3c6f198a52aa52f446ac75695e9cc81


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