Custom Typography Wedding Invitation Set

I just adore this darling couple in these photos, don’t they look so great together, so happy!  I love it when people send me such great engagement photos, it makes my job so easy because the photos really are the star of the invitation.  I am kind of into using a little bit of sparkling gold in my invitation designs lately, I think it adds a little bit of extra depth and fun and I think the soft teal, grey and gold go perfectly together.  Congratulations Emily and Jacob, thank you for choosing Jeneze Designs for your wedding invitations!

typography wedding invitation

Custom typography like this can be a little tricky sometimes, but I love the challenge.  But that is where my experience does come in when I create custom orders.  I completely understand that everyone doesn’t have the same text and they don’t want to say the same thing so if you see a design in my online gallery but the wording isn’t quite right for what you need that isn’t a problem.  Everything I do is exactly what you want, and if that means completely starting with a blank page then I am more than happy to do that.  I have years of experience in combining font styles and colors so if you like this style of typography we will create the invitation that is perfect for you.  Contact me for more information at or


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