Saying Thank You after the Wedding



Planning a wedding, having a wedding and then going on a honeymoon is all a lot of work and a lot of craziness.  But after it’s all said and done don’t forget to say “thank you”.  It’s likely that your entire wedding event did not happen just because of you.  Many people get involved with weddings, from family, to friends and wedding vendors.  I hope you don’t forget to tell those important people in your life “thank you for the help” or “thank you for being there” or “thank you for the gift”.  Whatever it may be those thank you’s will be greatly appreciated.

At Jeneze Designs we love sending thank you cards with photos from the wedding, guests love this personal memento from the event, something to be treasured for years to come.  Of course any type of thank you card would work just fine.  Need help with what kind of thank you to offer, this post from has some very helpful advice on what to say.   And need some ideas on how to say thank you, check out this post from the Bridal Guide.

4x4 Card Front72

There are so many fun different ways to say “thanks” like a cute note on the dinner place setting, take a fun photo at the wedding using props like the one below that I found on Etsy.

Aug 2013 coupon

Once you figure out what and how you want to say “thank you” just be sure you do, it will mean so much to the people who were a part of your special day!


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