Navy Floral Wedding Invitation – New Product

Spring break is this week for us, and we having fun as a family at home here in Utah.  So awesome seeing the change in the season, I just love spring, flowers and blossoms blooming everywhere, it’s so pretty.  And because I’m so love with spring it is kind of my main design inspiration right now.  Loving the idea of using flowers in invitation designs.  This design is similar to a sample set I created a few weeks ago, I just love the combination of navy with light floral colors, peach, pink and green.  I thought it would look nice in a tri-fold pocket card and to complete the set I also designed a custom envelope liner.  Envelope liners are going to be a new product that we want to offer at Jeneze Designs.  I think it adds a little bit of elegance and completes the overall invitation set.  More designs and information to come on the envelope liners but here is a little sneak peak of what they are going to look like.

They will be super easy to use, simply peel and stick the liner into the envelope. The design of the liner can match your invitation set or it can be any custom design.  A few ideas would be to use an engagement photo or use custom logos or initials and wedding date of the couple.  Looking forward to sharing more ideas and details, such as price.  I may also do a giveaway here on the blog, so be checking back for that offer to show up soon.

Navy Floral Wedding Invitation


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