New Custom Envelope Liners

Today I’m excited to be sharing our newest wedding invitation product – Custom Envelope Liners.  These envelope liners are so fun because they can be printed with whatever you want.  (A few ideas are pictured below.)  These liners work perfectly with any 5×7″ Invitation envelope that has  square flap.  (We will be offering liners for contour flap envelopes as well.)  These liners also have a peel and stick feature, so very easy to use.  Envelope liners are great because they just add a little bit of extra elegance to complete the invitation set.

Custom Envelope Liners

You can have a liner designed to match your invitation suite with a simple pattern or print or I especially love the idea of using an engagement photo, it will be the first thing guests will see when they open your envelope.  Another idea is to create a custom monogram or logo with the bride and groom’s names.  They can be anything you want!  So if you are looking for something unique, that will make a great first impression for your wedding event be sure to order your custom envelope liners with your invitation set.  Pricing will be up on our website later today.

Custom Envelope Liner Ideas


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