Retro Glam Wedding Invitations

I just love how these invitations turned out for Hjordis and Shane.  Their awesome engagement photos set the tone for the overall look, the perfect inspiration for a custom design.  I tried to give the text a slight touch of vintage retro without going too over the top, the black, gold and red also give it that classic glamorous look.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Arevalo, I hope you had an amazing wedding!


You can also see on the back of their invitation they wanted to invite wedding guests to use Wed Pics. If you aren’t familiar with the Wed Pics app you should definitely check it out and consider using it for your wedding.  You can create an app just for your wedding, upload photos and provide more details for your guests such as accommodations and gift registry info.  Your guests can also upload photos from showers or from the main event.  It’s the perfect social media option for a modern wedding, oh and another thing, it’s totally free, which is a definite plus, weddings can get expensive so getting something for free is awesome!  And of course we can for sure provide the details about your app on your wedding invitations just like we did for Hjordis and Shane.


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