Romantic Photo Invitations

Purple has definitely been a big favorite this summer for weddings.  This couple wanted their photo invitations to have that classic formal look with the text but wanted to include some design elements that gave it a more modern look and feel.  Navy and purple with cream and white lace.  Beautiful engagement photos compliment all the fine details.  Congratulations Liz and Brandon, I hope your wedding day was perfect!CA270


Destination Wedding Invitation

I just love summer and I was thinking that I haven’t shared this cute design yet and the bride left me such a sweet review.  Reminds me that I am just so blessed to be able to do what I do, create unique and custom designs for customers all over the world.  I get to use any and all ideas that I can come up with based on the customers preferences, it just so much fun!

Congratulations Arleen and Jonathan, I know you married back in April but I wanted to wait to post this in the summer because of the fun beachy feel.  Wouldn’t a destination wedding be amazing?  Contact me with your ideas and I will create something personal and unique for you! LF075

This is what Arleen had to say:

“I must have spent over 100 hours searching for the perfect wedding invitation that would incorporate my style, as well as the excitement of my destination wedding. I couldn’t find a single design that I really wanted, so I knew I would have to have something custom made. I chose Jenny because she had so many cute designs that I loved, and at a great price! I told her what I was looking for, and what she came up with was much better than I could have ever imagined. My guests loved the invitation, several people told me it was the most beautiful wedding invitation they had ever received. Jenny is truly an artist, and I’m so happy I was able to find her.”

Thank you Arleen for the sweet review!

Rustic Country Wedding Invitations

Congratulations to Lyndsay and Nathan!!!  I had so much fun designing their invitations.  So many little details that brought it all together.  A rustic outdoor theme with light strands, mason jars and of course some blush pink.  And I know I’ve said this before but I love our boutique tri-fold cards, they are so unique and so fun!



Summer Weddings are Here

Just sharing some recent wedding invitation designs.  These 3 are all on my boutique tri-fold cards, which I love because I love using photos and all of these are so amazing, such beautiful couples.  Gold is for sure the highlight color this summer, other popular options have been pink, lavender and navy.  Plus lots of florals along with shimmer and sparkle.

Hope you like what you see, stop by to see more!




Summer Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Happy first official day of SUMMER!!!!  Yay, summer is my favorite!  Thought I would share a summer watercolor design today.  I’ve been getting a lot of requests for light strands and water color lately so I thought I would combine the two into one, plus I found some cute new fonts that I had to try out.  I think it turned out kinda cute, what do you think?  Hope your summer days have been filled with lot of fun so far!  Don’t forget, our thank you cards are still on sale, be sure to get those ordered by the end of the month!


Thank You Cards On Sale!!!

As spring weddings come to an end I thought I would remind everyone that it’s time to say “thank you”.  I think we are so busy that sometimes the simple things get forgotten and a thank you goes such a long way.  So just do it, say thank you to all of those that helped make your wedding day special.  From family, to friends and all those wedding vendors.  You couldn’t have done it without them.  So please, no matter how you say it, just say thank you.  At Jeneze Designs we of course have several options to help you send the perfect note, include a wedding photo or send a small simple thanks with a cute folded card or we can create small gift tags that you can put with gifts for your guests at the wedding.  Custom designs and ideas always welcome as usual.



25-99 Thank you cards get 15% off your order

100 – 249 Thank you cards, get 25% off your order

250 – 500+ get 35% off your order



Savings is applied to our standard paper finishes only, matte, gloss and uncoated.  Contact us for prices or additional information at

Place your order at  You can also order your cards as a print ready file in my Etsy store at , however there is no discount to purchase files only, offer is only valid with printed cards.  You must enter the coupon code to save, and you must place your order before the expiration date.  Questions? email us at

Thank you card sale

Wedding Weekend Free Printable

I wanted to create something fun and new because it’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these printable cards and customers love these.  Download free this weekend only.  Just click on the image below to download the files.  They come with 2 per 8.5×11″ sheet.  Be sure to unzip the file before you try to use them.  You can also find them for sale in my Etsy shop here.  Enjoy!

A Special Preview


Custom Drawn Wedding Maps

I’ve been working on some custom wedding invitation orders lately which have included fun extras like these 100% custom drawn maps as well as event timelines, gift tags, programs and more.  I’ve enjoyed working on these, especially the maps, I like using little details that make the piece one of a kind.  For the maps all you need to do is tell us the location, points of interest and I take it from there.  Custom fees do vary so it’s best to contact us for a quote.  If you are not sure if we can fulfill your custom requests just ask, we can likely create anything you have in mind.  Email me at



Time to Order Your Wedding Programs

Summer weddings are in full swing, time to get those programs ordered.  I’ve actually been doing a lot of them lately so I finally updated my pricing information, you can see those details now on my website.  I can create your programs to match your invitation suite or they can be anything you want really.  Just tell us the details and let us do the work.  Lots of fun options with sizes, paper or go with flat card or folded.  I love this design for Kevin and Shelby because we used an engagement photo on the front.  Adding the photo made it personal and unique to the couple.  The perfect keepsake from their wedding.  Want more information, email me at




When Should I Order My Wedding Invitations?

I thought I would ask the question, when should you order invitations.  Ordering invitations is not the same timeline as mailing your invitations.  Mailing invitations:  you should send them at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.  You want to give guests plenty of time to plan on being there.  If you need an RSVP, be sure to mail invitations at least 8 weeks prior to the event because you likely need those responses back 4 weeks before the wedding.  Which brings me back to when you should order.  I wanted to address the question because I’ve been getting a lot of rush orders lately.  Thankfully I do offer the option, however it simply costs more money, which isn’t something that most brides should have to worry about, weddings are expensive enough as it is, so having to pay rush fees isn’t ideal.  Most of our invitations print, ship and arrive in about a week but there are a few things that can extend the process, such as custom design.  So it’s probably best to plan for at least 2-3 weeks of turn around time just to be safe.  So if your wedding is in a month, you probably should have ordered invitations several weeks ago.  Just plan ahead.  As soon as you plan that wedding date, order invitations, it’s probably the first thing to do.  However this means you likely have to book a venue, schedule a church, make sure your photographer is available etc.  It’s a lot to figure out, so you better get on it as soon as possible.  I feel so bad for brides that wait too long and send wedding guests invitations with 2-3 weeks prior and then they have no idea how many guests to plan for, how much food to have etc.  Planning ahead equals happy day and happy bride & groom.

A few things to know when ordering with Jeneze Designs.  The fastest standard option you can order is our bronze design package.  This means you want to order something you’ve seen in our gallery.  The design time for these orders does not take long, normally 1-2 days and then orders can be placed for print fairly quick as well.  If you order from our silver or gold design package, these designs may take an extra day or two simply because we need to put a lot more creative time and effort into your order.  Once the design process is finished we can order the prints, but plan on this taking a just a few more days.   Orders that include pocket cards, custom printed details such as envelope liners and belly bands, as well as rounded corners or spot gloss can all take a few extra days as well.  Timeline simply depends on what you order but we always provide that information upon ordering so you can determine if a rush is needed or not.

Every once in a while small mistakes are made, this does not happen often, maybe just 3-4 times a year, but sometimes it does.  These things can be anything from ink smudges from print jobs,  small edits that were missed in the text or maybe UPS simply damaged the package during delivery.  It’s so awful when these things happen because sometimes a re-do is needed and sometimes there simply is not enough time to get the re-prints or the extra envelopes etc.  At Jeneze Designs we work super hard to make sure problems don’t occur, like I said, doesn’t happen often but be prepared for the possibility.

RUSH options.  We do offer rush options because we know that it’s simply just needed.  Sometimes customers are waiting to hear back from that venue, the photographer or family member and it makes planning ahead a little difficult.  But not worry, we can rush your order, depending on what is needed, some rush options can arrive in just 2 days.  Of course additional fees apply, but we can for sure make it happen if needed.  Just be sure to ask, we are always happy to answer any questions and are willing to accommodate any need with tight timelines.

We hope this information was helpful.  All information provided only applies to Jeneze Designs invitations.  Turn around times for other invitation companies may vary, be sure to check those timelines so you can be sure to get what you want within your budget.  Have questions?  We are happy to help, simply email me at