When Should I Order My Wedding Invitations?

I thought I would ask the question, when should you order invitations.  Ordering invitations is not the same timeline as mailing your invitations.  Mailing invitations:  you should send them at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.  You want to give guests plenty of time to plan on being there.  If you need an RSVP, be sure to mail invitations at least 8 weeks prior to the event because you likely need those responses back 4 weeks before the wedding.  Which brings me back to when you should order.  I wanted to address the question because I’ve been getting a lot of rush orders lately.  Thankfully I do offer the option, however it simply costs more money, which isn’t something that most brides should have to worry about, weddings are expensive enough as it is, so having to pay rush fees isn’t ideal.  Most of our invitations print, ship and arrive in about a week but there are a few things that can extend the process, such as custom design.  So it’s probably best to plan for at least 2-3 weeks of turn around time just to be safe.  So if your wedding is in a month, you probably should have ordered invitations several weeks ago.  Just plan ahead.  As soon as you plan that wedding date, order invitations, it’s probably the first thing to do.  However this means you likely have to book a venue, schedule a church, make sure your photographer is available etc.  It’s a lot to figure out, so you better get on it as soon as possible.  I feel so bad for brides that wait too long and send wedding guests invitations with 2-3 weeks prior and then they have no idea how many guests to plan for, how much food to have etc.  Planning ahead equals happy day and happy bride & groom.

A few things to know when ordering with Jeneze Designs.  The fastest standard option you can order is our bronze design package.  This means you want to order something you’ve seen in our gallery.  The design time for these orders does not take long, normally 1-2 days and then orders can be placed for print fairly quick as well.  If you order from our silver or gold design package, these designs may take an extra day or two simply because we need to put a lot more creative time and effort into your order.  Once the design process is finished we can order the prints, but plan on this taking a just a few more days.   Orders that include pocket cards, custom printed details such as envelope liners and belly bands, as well as rounded corners or spot gloss can all take a few extra days as well.  Timeline simply depends on what you order but we always provide that information upon ordering so you can determine if a rush is needed or not.

Every once in a while small mistakes are made, this does not happen often, maybe just 3-4 times a year, but sometimes it does.  These things can be anything from ink smudges from print jobs,  small edits that were missed in the text or maybe UPS simply damaged the package during delivery.  It’s so awful when these things happen because sometimes a re-do is needed and sometimes there simply is not enough time to get the re-prints or the extra envelopes etc.  At Jeneze Designs we work super hard to make sure problems don’t occur, like I said, doesn’t happen often but be prepared for the possibility.

RUSH options.  We do offer rush options because we know that it’s simply just needed.  Sometimes customers are waiting to hear back from that venue, the photographer or family member and it makes planning ahead a little difficult.  But not worry, we can rush your order, depending on what is needed, some rush options can arrive in just 2 days.  Of course additional fees apply, but we can for sure make it happen if needed.  Just be sure to ask, we are always happy to answer any questions and are willing to accommodate any need with tight timelines.

We hope this information was helpful.  All information provided only applies to Jeneze Designs invitations.  Turn around times for other invitation companies may vary, be sure to check those timelines so you can be sure to get what you want within your budget.  Have questions?  We are happy to help, simply email me at jenny@jeneze.com.



DIY Boho Wedding Cake from Green Wedding Shoes

Sometimes I like to browse instagram, pintrest and other blogs and I often come across wedding ideas that I absolutely LOVE, like this super cute DIY wedding cake idea posted on Green Wedding Shoes a few weeks ago.  Sometimes things get missed but I’m glad I saw this one, it’s so pretty and looks like it could be easy to put together.  The blog post says the flowers are silk, which is crazy to me, they look like sugar flowers or even real ones, so awesome that they are silk because that’s what makes it a real possibility of doing it on your own and looks like it wouldn’t take much time.  Check out the Green Wedding Shoes blog for more details by clicking the image below.  Happy Friday!


When to Mail Your Wedding Invitations


One of my most frequently asked questions at Jeneze Designs is “when should I mail my wedding invitations?”  I thought I would write this post today to share a few tips and some advice on this question.

Where is your wedding?  Is your wedding in your hometown, will you be inviting guests that live in your area?  If so, wedding invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date.  I personally would stick closer to the 8 week mark simply because people are busy and you want to make sure you give your guests plenty of notice, especially if they need to RSVP, you need to give them time to do so.

Is your wedding in your hometown but guests will have to travel to get there.  For example, is your wedding in New York but most of your guests will need to travel from other states to get there?  Be sure to send your wedding invitations at least 4 months prior to the wedding date.  Why?  Guests will need to not only RSVP but they will need to make travel plans.  Also it would be very courteous to your guests to find out locations in advance so they know where they can stay.  This information would be provided on an accommodations card that would be inserted into your invitation envelope.  Some hotels may even offer a discount if you plan to have multiple guests stay at one location and many guest will greatly appreciate the cut in cost.

Will your wedding be somewhere out of the country or at a distant location?  Typically we call these destination weddings.  Plan to send your invitations 6-8 months prior to the wedding date.  This may sound early but if the location of your wedding isn’t state side or will take a bit of traveling time, your guests will need to plan on the extra expense, get time off of work and basically plan ahead.  Again be sure to let your guests know of places that they can stay or possibly get a group rate with the wedding party.

When should I have guests RSVP?  This timeline might vary a little because it might depend on your wedding vendors.  If you are providing a meal, lunch or dinner your catering service may need to know several weeks in advance so they can make the necessary plans.  Be sure to check with your vendors to know when they will need that information.  I recommend that you gather all responses at least 4 weeks before the wedding.  So be sure to send your invitations at least 6 weeks ahead so guests will have time to respond.

What is the best way to have guests RSVP?  Most of my customers still order a traditional response card that will need to be mailed back to the couple.  This method still works perfectly fine but sometimes you may not get a timely response because of unforeseen delays in mail or someone misplacing their card.    I do not think that it is informal or tacky to request a reply by phone or email.  Simply have the option on your response cards.  I actually may be a lot easier to collect responses via text or email and it is a good way to collect phone numbers in case you need to provide any last minute details about your wedding for your guests.  And if you want to be totally nontraditional a fun way to collect a response is by sending a mad libs style rsvp.  A lot more brides are doing this and I think it’s great, it lets your guests know that your wedding is going to be a blast!

Hopefully these tips on when to send your wedding invitations helps you.  Let us know if you have any questions about your invitations, we are more than happy to help, email us at jenny@jeneze.com!


Wedding Invitation Tips Part 1

We get asked a lot of questions here at Jeneze Designs and there are some questions that we get asked a lot, like when you should mail your invitations.  I thought I would share a list of a few helpful tips, maybe some things are on this list that you haven’t thought about, like ordering a few extras just in case.  Also in the “do” list we recommend ordering samples so you can see the print and paper quality of the product.  Jeneze Designs offers a free sample set to anyone who wants to see what we have.  We are very proud of the product we offer, we know it is high quality and the best available but see for yourself and order a sample set today.  Contact us at jenny@jeneze.com to get yours.Helpful tips