Color Changes for your Invitations

One question that I get asked quite often is if I can change the colors on my existing invitation designs that you see in my gallery.   The answer is an absolute YES, of course you can.  We not only create all of our designs but we personally edit each one to work perfectly for you.  So if you see a design that has grey but want it to be pink, then no problem, we can make it pink.  Plus we can change font styles too, fonts can make a big difference in the overall look of the design, that’s why we provide a list of options and offer professional advice on what will work well together.  I may need to save a blog post about fonts another day.  But I wanted to show a few samples of color changes in one design.

In the photo invitation below you can see that the overall look and layout is the same but colors and font styles have been changed.  The design for Haley in the bottom right corner was clean and simple with neutral colors.  The photo to the left for Whitney was designed with her wedding colors in mind using blue and yellow.  The top two designs I used colors that would compliment the photos nicely.  Sometimes your designer may want to see your photos and lay everything out to see if some colors would work better than others and when we see a different option that we think works better we will send you proofs of those different options so you can decide what you like best.

Different Colors photo

The typography invitation set below also shows some changes in color and fonts.  The design on the far right for Jeni was customized to her taste in font style, something a little more modern and fun.  However this type of invitation style won’t work well with some fonts such as cursive fonts for example.  The all caps font is what gives it the overall look and style, a cursive font would throw off the spacing and words would not fit as uniform as they are.

Different Colors Sparkle

Hopefully this post provided some more detailed information on color changes to your wedding invitations.  But if you have any questions you can always contact us, we are happy to help.

Every order we design gets proofs sent directly to your email within 1-2 business days.  That way you can look everything over, make sure the colors are right and see if what you picked out is what you wanted.  If not, we can fix it so it is what you wanted.  Our store is also set up so you don’t have to order a design that we already created, you can combine several invitations into one or we can create something from scratch, exactly what you want.  If you do order a 100% custom design we will send multiple options so you can tell us what you like and don’t like and we narrow things down until it is perfect.

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