Wedding Invitations in Any Language

Does Jeneze Designs create invitations in languages other than English?  Yes, we for sure do!  I know we don’t have many non-English samples on our website but we can definitely accommodate other languages.  I was thinking about this because last week I actually designed a few invitations in Spanish, one in Portuguese and one in German.  I don’t often get that many at once so it was kind of fun.  There are also no additional design fees for different languages.  If you do need some invitations in English and some in Spanish for example there may be additional fees to run two print jobs.  Simply contact us to find out if additional fees would apply.  Some languages may also not work well with some font styles but your designer can consult with you on what works and help you create the perfect invitation set, whatever you needs may be.

Congratulations to Jessie and Juan who celebrated their marriage this weekend!  I wish you all the best!